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Moro Supari - Jc Supari


The Premium and selected nuts from the lands of Karnataka are called MORO. Bigger in size and best in aroma. The quantity extracted are less as 90% of the nuts are not qualified as MORO variety. Only selected nuts are graded, and handpicked for this variety. Mostly exported, this is first choice for our international buyers.

Moti Supari - Jc Supari


The Moti Supari is majorly used in various parts of Gujrat and other states where supari lovers used to chew Mawa – masala daily. It is well known for its taste and quality. Internationally people also like this variety for its rich quality.

Vachhras Supari - Jc Supari


As the name suggest, medium in size but premium in taste, Vachhras variety is favourite among Gujrati people as mouth freshener and Chewing masala. Majorly, Gujrati people living outside India, prefer to chew Vachras supari for its unique quality.

Jam Supari - Jc Supari


Jaam supari are comparatively cheaper in price and equally tasty like other areca nuts variety. Smaller in size but very much in demand in various parts of India.

Rashi Supari - Jc Supari


Rashi Supari are mix of various varieties like Moro, Moti, Vachhras, Jaam etc. Specially used in cutted supari. The older the nuts are, the tastier they are.

Ras fatol Supari - Jc Supari


Rashi Fatol are rejected nuts from Rashi pool due to inconsistence size and quality. They are equally tasty but used for medium quality masala.

Export Quality Supari

We at JC Suapri are one the best supari supplier in the Market. We export special grade supari to various contries.

Less Moisture and Old Supari

Our Supari is stored in large Dry store houses and have very low moitsture contents. Our Supari is easy to cut with machine or person.

Available in All Sizes

We at JC Supari have all sizes and varieties available 24*7. Customers satisfaction is our primary goal. Our prices are very low due to wholesale supply and Purchase.

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